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The Letter "S" at Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake

Even though Beaver Lake State Park was dedicated in 1932, the organization committee that promoted the park’s development had its beginnings in July of 1929. In 1929 there was an informal meeting held at Shepard’s pavilion just south of the present park site, to form an organization for developing the park.

In 1931, lots within the park were sold to raise money for the purchase of park land. On July 24th, 1932 Beaver Lake State Park became North Dakota’s second state park and was dedicated to the honor of those early settlers who lived on the edge of Beaver Lake. Improvements came slowly, and in 1933 another meeting was held to arrange for the use of relief work to aid in the enhancement of the park. From 1935 to 1936 many changes were made throughout the park, including the roads, pier, monument and the picnic areas by a Works Progress Administration (WPA) crew. The park was born out of the drought and depression of the 1930s by dedicated and hardworking park board members and WPA relief workers. Upon entering the park, visitors can still see some of the work completed by the WPA crew. The “WELCOME TO STATE PARK” rocks along the entrance road are just one of the examples of their fine work that has stood the test of time.

In the 1960s the Park Board received increasing support from the State for making improvements and there was a significant growth with the use of the park for camping, fishing, boating and picnicking. In the early 1970s, additional improvements including a new campground were completed by the North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department. Today the park continues to make improvements for the future while preserving the historical past which made the park what it is today.

Over the years, Beaver Lake has become known for its natural beauty, a summer hot spot for families and people of all ages. It is a park which was developed through the active cooperation of the local people and has been established as one of the finest recreational areas in South Central North Dakota.

Beaver Lake State Park is located 17 miles southeast of Napoleon, ND.