Our Team


Mission Statement

We offer a diversity of recreation opportunities and sustainably manage resources.


Enriching generations through experiences that connect people and places.


Stewardship ∙ Service ∙ Experiences ∙ Leadership ∙ Partnerships

About the department

The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department is the state agency charged with administering selected parks and recreation areas that are deemed to have state-wide or regional significance.

In addition, the department has responsibility for the following functions:

  • Off-highway vehicle planning and safety program
  • Snowmobile safety programs and trails
  • Nature Preserves Act
  • Outdoor recreation grants and statewide recreation planning

Central Office

Liberty Memorial Building 
604 E Boulevard Ave, Dept. 750
Bismarck, ND 58505
Ph. 701.328.5357
Email: parkrec@nd.gov

Division and Program Contacts

Director: Cody Schulz

Deputy Director: Paul Taylor 

Field Operations

Business Services


Planning and Programs

  • Recreation & Trails Grant Coordinator -- Char Langehaug
  • Parks Planner -- Vacant


Natural Resources


Ph. 800.807.4723 or online at Parks and Recreation Online Services


State Parks and Recreation Areas


Beaver Lake 
Phone: (701) 452-2752
E-mail: blsp@nd.gov

Cross Ranch
Phone: (701) 794-3731
E-mail: crsp@nd.gov

Fort Abraham Lincoln
Phone: (701) 667-6340
E-mail: falsp@nd.gov

Fort Ransom
Phone: (701) 973-4331
E-mail: frsp@nd.gov

Fort Stevenson
Phone: (701) 337-5576
E-mail: fssp@nd.gov

Grahams Island
Phone: (701) 766-4015
E-mail: dlsp@nd.gov

Phone: (701) 265-4561
E-mail: isp@nd.gov

Lake Metigoshe
Phone: (701) 263-4651
E-mail: lmsp@nd.gov
Outdoor Learning Center: 
(701) 263-4514 or lmolc@nd.gov

Lake Sakakawea
Phone: (701) 487-3315
E-mail: lssp@nd.gov

Lewis & Clark
Phone: (701) 859-3071
E-mail: lcsp@nd.gov

Little Missouri 
Phone: (701) 764-5256
E-mail: lmosp@nd.gov

Pembina Gorge
Phone: (701) 549-2444
E-mail: pgsra@nd.gov

Sully Creek
Phone: (701) 623-2024
E-mail: scsp@nd.gov

Turtle River
Phone: (701) 795-3180
E-mail: trsp@nd.gov