Lewis & Clark State Park 2020 Master Plan


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The North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department has begun the master planning process for Lewis & Clark State Park. The original plan, adopted in 1982, set forth the strategies, goals and vision for the park for the following (almost) four decades.

Much of the original master plan's vision has been successfully implemented. Public need, the regional market and the recreation industry have significantly changed in the four decades since the initial master plan. This master planning process takes a deep look at where the park currently is and identifies what the desired future looks like. It then identifies the goals necessary to shift the current reality toward that desired vision. The planning outcomes will provide the Department with a strategic framework for enhancing the state park through best management practices, funding options, programmatic trends that support creative opportunities within the park, and responsive design.

The Department continuously endeavors to be stewards of the State’s natural resources while offering a diversity of enriching recreation opportunities that connects all generations of North Dakotans to places throughout the state. The master plan is the visionary, tangible tool used by our agency and park managers to help us responsibly meet this charge.

The planning process aims to attract broad public input from the state’s citizens and visitors to develop the desired future vision of the park. Opportunities for community engagement will include an online-based survey and a community workshop/open house.

Project Updates

Public input is critical to the master planning process, and we want to hear from you. All your ideas and comments are used to identify key themes that help guide and prioritize park, trail, facility and programming investments moving forward. The public survey will be open through the end of October 2020.

Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think.

The Lewis & Clark State Park 2020 Master Plan is officially underway. The North Dakota State Parks & Recreation Department anticipates the plan being completed in February 2021. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to provide us with feedback and your thoughts about your vision for the park. For more information or to provide a comment, please fill out the form found below.


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Project Timeline



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