Turtle River State Park Hosts Artist Megan Hanson

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NEWS RELEASE     |     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     |     July 16, 2020


Turtle River State Park Hosts Artist Megan Hanson

Turtle River State Park welcomes Megan Hanson, an artist who creates realistic, expressive landscapes and portraits utilizing acrylic paint and ink, for a week-long residency, July 12-19. Hanson often draws inspiration from photos of her life as a reference for her work and transforms them with wide color palettes to give due attention to the forgotten and simple aspects of human life.

The program's goal is to continue creating works of art that showcase, document and celebrate our North Dakota State Parks while providing opportunities for visitors to become stewards, with a deeper appreciation of artistic works inspired by the state parks. The artworks generated from this program characterize the state's beauty for present and future generations, giving park visitors an opportunity to see North Dakota through the eyes and ears of contributing artists.

On Saturday, July 18, at 2:00 pm, there will be a demonstration and lecture taking place at Turtle River State Park's amphitheater that will include botanical painting as Hanson discusses the history of plants and the role they play in our ecosystem. This opportunity will be entertaining, educational, and interactive as those in attendance will be invited to ask questions and share memories they associate with various plants. From 2:30 pm-4:00 pm, stations will be set up at the park's amphitheater, each dedicated to a different plant.

Under the ND Smart Restart guidelines and in partnership with local health officials, the following precautions will be put into place. Outdoor stations will consist of tables spaced accordingly to allow for social distancing. As groups rotate, participants will be asked to wait until the group ahead of them has completed their activity prior to their starting that station. Each station will have painting supplies and paper, along with pre-drawn line sketches of plants for younger participants (or those who aren't confident in their own skills and abilities). Materials utilized, such as pencils and paintbrushes, will be given and assigned to participants, not shared, reducing contact. Hand sanitizer will be made available to all participants. This hands-on workshop will highlight the natural beauty of the state park's flora and encourage North Dakotans to draw and paint from life while creating an atmosphere where making art is less intimidating and establishing a connection between people and nature. Botanical illustration only takes a pencil, a specimen and a little bit of time; inspiration can be found everywhere from the wildflowers of Turtle River State Park to the plants in your backyard!

The public is invited and encouraged to attend all of the activities put on by the artist. Such activities will showcase artwork inspired by the state park and will provide various opportunities for park visitors to discover or further develop their artistic skills.  All ages and skills are welcome. The event is free of charge in accordance with a state park's daily or annual pass, which can be obtained onsite or via www.parkrec.nd.gov.

The department would also like to remind all park visitors to follow the CDC's recommendations on social distancing and personal hygiene while visiting their properties. The agency is working with local and state health officials to determine how to best host events for the remainder of the year. Please visit www.parkrec.nd.gov, or park Facebook accounts for updated information.

This project is supported in part by a grant from the North Dakota Council on the Arts, which receives funding from the state legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.

For additional details and park information, please visit the event listing on Turtle River State Park's Facebook page or call 701-795-3180.


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