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Play Ball! Ellendale baseball grandstand renovated with grant funds 

Bismarck, ND – Each year, the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department (NDPRD) Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) awards 50/50 matching grants through the US Department of Interior, National Park Service to various outdoor recreation projects throughout North Dakota. In 2020, NDPRD selected the City of Ellendale Park Board’s request for $75,000 to renovate the 38-year-old existing baseball grandstand.   

The project consisted of demolishing the existing grandstands and constructing a new grandstand in the same location, complete with upper press box seating.  Bleachers with back rests accommodate approximately 150 spectators, including concreted areas to allow for handicap accessibility and seating. The former grandstands were deemed unsafe due to a of lack structural integrity from decaying wood.  

“This project was a true grand slam,” said NDPRD Grants Coordinator Char Langehaug. “The improved access to facilities and the strong support from the community make this a big win for Ellendale and we are proud to support it.” 

“It’s a huge benefit, not just to our community but a lot of different communities utilize our field,” said Ellendale Park Board Chairperson Cary Wertz. “Our baseball program is dependent upon places for spectators to come and enjoy the game and the safety aspect of it.”  

The LWCF provides grants for outdoor recreation projects such as ball fields, pools, campgrounds, playgrounds, and land acquisitions for park development. The next round of applications is tentatively scheduled to open July 3, 2023. For further information, please visit our website at https://www.parkrec.nd.gov/business/grants/land-and-water-conservation-fund or contact Char Langehaug, Grants Coordinator at 701-328-5357.   

The LWCF is a federal program funded by offshore oil and gas royalties that was created by Congress in 1964 to safeguard natural areas, water resources, cultural heritage and to provide recreation opportunities to all Americans. This 50/50 matching grant reimbursement program is administered at the state level by the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department (NDPRD) and funded at the federal level by the U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service (NPS). Eligible project sponsors include cities, counties, and townships; park and school districts; state agencies; water management districts and federally recognized tribes.   

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