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The North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department has begun the master planning process for Sully Creek State Park. The last plan, adopted in 2013, identified several areas for development and improvement. The parks, recreation and campground industry has changed rapidly in the years since the last park management plan, and, most notably, the park has its first full-time park manager on site.

This master planning process takes a deep look at where the park currently is and identifies what the desired future looks like. Goals will be identified to shift the current reality towards that desired vision with the resources available. The planning outcomes will provide the Department with a strategic framework for enhancing the state park through best management practices, improvements, funding opportunities, programmatic trends that support creative opportunities within the park, and responsive design.

The Department continuously endeavors to be stewards of the State’s natural resources while offering a diversity of enriching recreation opportunities that connects all generations of North Dakotans to places throughout the state. The master plan is the visionary, tangible tool used by our agency and park managers to help us responsibly meet this charge.

The planning process aims to attract broad public input from the state’s citizens and visitors to develop the desired future vision of the park. Opportunities for community engagement will include a volunteer advisory committee, an online-based survey, community workshop/open house, focus groups and a live questions and answers session.

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June 24, 2021
The North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department is please to formally announce the kickoff for the 2021 Sully Creek State Park Master Plan!

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