Please note that the following topics may be park-specific and are not available in every North Dakota state park. Please call the park of your choice to inquire about individualized field trip experiences for your students/children. Field trips are dependent upon time of year and staffing levels, knowledge, and availability. Age limitations may be enforced, and liability waivers may be required depending upon the topic/activity. 

Animal Adaptations: Dive into the differences that make all animals unique from one another, while focusing on the advantage of each adaptation. 

Animal Homes: Search high and low exploring animal homes while learning how they are made. 

Archery: Establish eye dominance, learn about archery equipment, and make string bows prior to practice shooting form and shot execution. Participants may shoot at targets, 3D targets, or a combination. Currently only available at Lake Metigoshe State Park. 

Beaver Ecology: Discover the many adaptations these engineers have that assist them in building their lodges, dams, canals and scent mounds they need for survival. On a hike, investigate to see what they’ve been up to at the park. 

Birds: Discover how many birds you know by call or sight! Investigate how beaks and feet can be used as clues using field guides and binoculars. 

Canoeing: Float your way onto a lake or river after learning about water safety, equipment, and paddling. Currently only available at Lake Metigoshe State Park. 

Colorful Confusion: The world is full of color! Learn the purpose of colors in nature. 

Cross Country Skiing: Slide across the trails in a winter wonderland after some basic instruction that will have you gliding, turning, stopping, and falling! Equipment provided in some parks.  

Ecology Games: Understand basic ecologic concepts in a fun, fast-paced, and creative outdoor setting that emphasizes concepts such as predator-prey, web of life, limiting factors, and human responsibility.  

Fish/Fish ID/Adaptations: Learn about the different species of fish found in North Dakota while understanding how their different attributes and adaptations allow them to flourish in different bodies of water. 

Freshwater Ecology: Grab a dip net and put on waders! Participants will investigate water quality and catch and identify critters while exploring a wetland. Equipment provided in some parks. It’s highly recommended participants bring an extra set of clothes as some really get into this activity! 

Geocaching/GPS: Learn the basics of how a Global Positioning System (GPS) works and test your skills in this modern-day treasure hunt. Equipment provided in some parks. 

Geology: Learn to identify different types of rocks and minerals, the forces that make them, and their importance worldwide. 

Group Initiatives (team building): Increase your groups’ abilities to communicate and interact through interactive fun demonstrations and activities. 

Historical Tours/Talks: Discover the rich history of what is now North Dakota. Experience Native American earth lodges, historic military forts, Lewis & Clark, fur trading, pioneer settlers, and the role of the civilian conservation corps in North Dakota. Tours are location-dependent. Most historical tours are offered at Fort Abraham Lincoln and Icelandic State Parks. 

Insects: Get up close and personal with these creepy crawlies.  Learn the basics of insects and head out into the park to find them! 

Kayaking: Acquire basic skills and learn water safety prior to getting out onto a lake or river to explore the park from the water. Currently only available at Lake Metigoshe State Park. 

Native American Games: Learn about the history and culture of our Native Americans through the games they played! 

Nature Hike: Take a guided hike to see, hear, feel, and even taste what the park has to offer! 

Nature’s Neighborhoods: Dive into the various habitats of the park and learn about the different types of plants and animals that live in each area. 

Night Hike: Experience what adaptations are needed for nocturnal animals to survive after dark and explore your very own senses. Hikes start at sunset and conclude after dark! 

Orienteering: Find your way here to learn about maps and compasses and then test your skills! 

Owls: Discover a variety of adaptions owls have, dissect an owl pellet, and identify which owls make in North Dakota their home. 

Paleontology: Learn more about creatures that used to make their home in North Dakota including dinosaurs! 

Pioneer Life: Take a trip back in time to experience the hard work, ingenuity, and self-sacrifice of early Americans through several activities that may include tinkering, games, and butter making! 

Plants/Wildflowers/Edibles: Discover the great diversity of ND plants by learning about identification, lifecycles, parts, seed adaptations, uses, and whether they are edible or not! 

Predator Prey: Understand basic ecologic concepts in a fun, fast-paced and creative outdoor setting that emphasize concepts such as predator-prey, web of life, limiting factors and human responsibility. 

Reptiles and Amphibians: Learn about the similarities and differences between reptiles and amphibians in this activity-packed lesson. 

Sensible World: Use your senses to discover the world around you on this sensory hike. 

Soils 4 Kids: Dig a hole and get ready to get down and “dirty” while you examine, touch, and smell soil! Learn what your senses can tell you about the soil texture and health and see if you can spot some of the organisms that call soil their home. 

Survival Strategies: Work with nature, not against it. Learn and develop survival skills such as knot tying, making shelters, lighting fires, establishing cardinal direction, and finding sustenance.  

Tremendous Trees and Shrubs: Embark on a tour of the different species of botanicals in ND as well as the characteristics that make them unique. Identify various leaf shapes, arrangements and a few edibles as well. 

Weather: Storm into clouds, weather fronts, and other natural meteorological phenomena that impact life here on Earth. 

Wildlife Safari: Discover tracks, traces, and homes of the many types of animals that live in the park.  Learn how to identify animals, learn their characteristics, and explore their habitats. 

Winter Sports: Don’t let the cold weather stop your outdoor activities! Learn about the physics and history of snowshoes, cross country skiing, and/or kicksleds! Determine how well you can handle these different modes of transportation to stay on top of the snowpack. Equipment provided in some parks. 

Winter Survival: Investigate how various animals prepare for winter and identify some adaptations that assist them in surviving it.