Geocaching is an excellent activity for any age or skill level. Participants use a GPS or an app to find containers called geocaches, or caches, utilizing specific coordinates.  Geocache coordinates are found via or through the Geocaching app.  Whether the cache container is as common as an ammo can or disguised as an ordinary rock, you are sure to be taken on an adventure and learn various things along the way.  Geocachers sign and date the log, exchange trinkets and place the cache back exactly where they found it for the next geocacher to find – happy hunting!

Where to go:

Beaver Lake State Park

Fort Ransom State Park

Fort Stevenson State Park

Grahams Island State Park

Icelandic State Park

Lake Metigoshe State Park

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

Lewis & Clark State Park

Little Missouri State Park

Turtle River State Park


Park with GPS units to check out:
A number of our properties have GPS units available to use while you geocache at their location.
Check in with the staff when you arrive to borrow a GPS unit.

Icelandic State Park

Beaver Lake State Park

Fort Stevenson State Park

Cross Ranch State Park

Little Missouri State Park


General Information

  • To find geocache coordinates, please visit or utilize a mobile device and the free geocaching app.
  • The only geocaches allowed in North Dakota State Parks and Recreation Areas are ones placed by department staff, any unauthorized geocaches found will be removed.