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North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department continues to keep up with changing visitor needs and industry trends through master planning processes.  This process provides an opportunity for stakeholders, park users and park managers to provide input and guidance to future development of state park properties.  This week the Lewis & Clark State Park master plan was signed by Andrea Travnicek, Director of the North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department. This plan will set the course for the next ten years of park development, and potential improvements and advancements at Lewis & Clark State Park.

Lewis & Clark State Park’s comprehensive park master plan has been in the works since late 2020. Created through extensive study and community outreach, this plan will guide resource allocation, updates public priorities and needs, identifies areas for improvement and assesses current and future trends.

“We’re grateful to all of our partners for supporting this important document for the park’s future,” stated Andrea Travnicek, Director of the North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department. “Master planning processes are critical to the future of state parks across North Dakota.”

Through the strategic planning process, 11 goals were highlighted, including diversifying experiences associated with water access, improving visitor orientation through wayfinding, and providing additional comfort-type accommodations. 

“This has been an incredible opportunity working with our stakeholders and visitors to create this vision for the future of Lewis & Clark State Park. Together we have made something unique, that we are all proud of, and that reflects the visitors of Lewis & Clark State Park,” stated Katie Ogden, Park Manager of Lewis & Clark State Park.

The completed strategic plan is available at https://www.parkrec.nd.gov/business/planning/master-plans.

The mission of the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department is to offer a diversity of recreation opportunities and sustainably manage resources.  

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