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NEWS RELEASE     |     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     |     June 23, 2020

North Dakota Parks Continue to Reopen Services
Under the ND Smart Restart Guidelines

The North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department, under the ND Smart Restart guidelines, is pleased to announce the continued reopening of department services, including group campsites, shelters, and rental facilities throughout the North Dakota state park system.

"The department has been working with our local and state partners to continue to open services system-wide based on the ND Smart Restart guidelines," stated Andrea Travnicek, the Director of the North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department. "We are excited to be able to continue to offer opportunities for the public to enjoy the parks throughout the state as we work with park managers and health officials to evaluate best practices as conditions change."

Group camping sites, system-wide, will reopening on June 23. Capacity limits and further details are available on our reservation site, www.travel.parkrecnd.com. Current reservation holders will receive further information through email or phone call from park staff.

Beginning this week, the Bismarck office is open for appointments to purchase park passes. Visitors are asked to make an appointment by calling (701) 328-5357. All visitors will be asked the ND Smart Restart screening questions before entering the building.  The public can still purchase park passes and make reservations online by visiting www.parkrec.nd.gov.  

In-person, Off-highway vehicle safety classes will resume in July and will be conducted under the ND Smart Restart Guidelines. Course information and registrations forms can be found at www.parkrec.nd.gov.

The department is currently working with local and state health officials to determine how to best host events for the remainder of the year, within the ND Smart Restart guidelines. Please visit www.parkrec.nd.gov, or park Facebook accounts for updated information. The department would like to remind visitors to follow the CDC's guidelines on social distancing and personal hygiene while visiting the park.

The mission of the North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department is to offer a diversity of recreation opportunities and sustainably manage resources.


For More Information Contact:

Kristin Byram at 328.5358 or kcbyram@nd.gov



Doug Burgum, Governor

Andrea Travnicek, Ph.D., Parks & Recreation Director


Century Center     |     1600 E. Century Ave. Suite 3     |     Bismarck, ND 58503

PHONE: (701) 328-5357     |     FAX: (701) 328-5363     |     E-MAIL: parkrec@nd.gov





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