The Outdoor Learning Center program is available at Lake Metigoshe state park. This program offers ecology, conservation, cultural and recreational programming in an outdoor setting.


Field Trip & Program Opportunites 

Lake Metigoshe state park provides a natural classroom to study the outdoor environment. They offer a wide range of ecosystems, including forests, wetlands, prairies, rivers, and lakes, allowing participants to experience such places with knowledgeable interpretive naturalists.

Programs offer interactive learning. Navigate a course by using a compass, grasp anatomy and physiology by dressing up like a bird, step back in time by making your own butter or even taste some wild edibles! The naturalists at the learning center will work with you to make your individual arrangements.

Scheduling Information

  • The length of programs is 1 to 2 hours and depends on the size and age of the group. Group size may be limited to maximum participation due to the availability of equipment.
  • Reservations are required. Book early, especially for arrangements in the spring and summer season.
  • OLC programs are designed to handle groups of various sizes. Chaperones are required but are not charged as participants. The suggested chaperone to student ratio is 1:12.
  • Rental of housing facilities and camping may be available. Contact the learning center for rental and reservation information.
  • All participants should dress appropriately for changing weather conditions. Layers are suggested. Groups are encouraged to bring their own meals. Meal arrangements can be made for additional fees.
  • Indoor facilities may be used for portions of the program during poor weather conditions.
  • Suggested items to bring to the learning center include drinking water, bug spray, sunscreen, rain gear, lip balm, and appropriate shoes for hiking.
  • Other recreational opportunities that are available onsite may include volleyball, playground equipment, fishing, hiking trails, horseshoes, geocaching, biking, and many more!


Rates are $5 per participant, per program. There is a $50 minimum for groups with 10 or fewer participants. Rates include state park entrance fees for up to one bus and two vehicles. Changes and or cancellations require two weeks' notice or fees may apply.

Program Offerings

  • Archery: Establish eye dominance, learn about archery equipment and make string bows prior to picking up bows and arrows to practice shooting form and shot execution. Participants may shoot at targets, 3D targets, or a combination. A fun choice for participants 8 years of age and older. All participants are subject to liability waivers. Equipment provided.
  • Ecology Games: Understand basic ecologic concepts in a fun, fast-paced, and creative outdoor setting that emphasizes concepts such as predator-prey, web of life, limiting factors, and human responsibility. A great choice for all age levels!
  • Freshwater Ecology: Grab a dip net and put on waders! Participants will investigate water quality, catch and identify critters while exploring a wetland. Equipment provided. It’s highly recommended participants bring an extra set of clothes as some really get into this activity!
  • Geocaching: Learn how geocaching got started and use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to take part in this high-tech treasure hunt by finding a few caches right here at Lake Metigoshe State Park! Equipment provided.
  • Kayaking: Acquire basic skills and learn water safety prior to getting out onto School Section Lake to explore the park from the water. All participants are subject to liability waivers. Equipment is provided.
  • Night Hike: Experience what adaptations are needed for nocturnal animals to survive after dark by further exploring your very own senses. The hike starts at sunset and concludes after dark! A popular choice for residential groups of all ages.

Full program list and details available here