Ready or not, winter has arrived in North Dakota and what better way to experience it than jumping on a Snowmobile. North Dakota has thirteen state snowmobile trails, totaling over 2,800 miles.

Sheyenne Valley Trip


Pederson/Redeske Yurts
These year-round full-service yurts are the perfect spot to kick back after a long day in the snow.  The Yurts each have full kitchens and bathrooms. Each has two bedrooms with an additional loft space. Each Yurt rents for $125 a night, more information available here.

Bjone House
If you are traveling with a larger group, the Bjone house is a great option. This restored historic home house has 3 bedrooms and sleeps six. It also has a full bathroom and kitchen. The Bjone rents for $125 a night, more information available here.


Friday, arrive in Valley City and jump on the trail. Head south on the V-5 trail  (22 miles) through the town of Kathryn. Jump on the V-6 trail until you hit a fork in the trail ( 9 miles), take a left on the L-1 trail and go almost 2 miles until you arrive at Fort Ransom State Park.  Enjoy a cozy night in the park as you relax by the fireplace in either of the yurts or at the Bjone house.

Saturday: Jump on your sleds and head south on the L-1 trail (15 miles), continue south on the L-3 trail (11 miles) until you reach a fork in the trial.  Head south on the L-4 trail (13 miles). You will hit another fork in the trail if you are looking for a longer ride head south on O-1 down to the town of Oaks (17 miles one way) or continue on O-2 towards Lamoure (10 miles). Turn north and take the M-2 trail (19 miles) up to Dickey. You will encounter another split in the trail, head right towards Marion on McKinnes Trail (11miles). Turn onto the M-1 trail (8 miles) until you run into the V-4 trail and head back to the park (22 miles).

Sunday: Pack up and head North on V-6 trail ( 11 miles) until you reach a fork in the trail. Go left, on the V-4 trail (11 miles). Once you hit another fork in the road, head north on the V-2 trail through Litchville (25 miles). Once you reach the end of the V-2 trail, turn right on the V-1 trail (10 miles) back to Valley City.

*while snowmobiling in the park please stay on the designated trail.

Fort Ransom State Park

Fort Ransom State Park is a great stop year round. In the winter visitors can enjoy over 10 miles of trails open to cross-country skiing, hiking and snowshoeing. Cross-country skis can be rented at the visitor center for $15 a day.