Fall WOW

<< All Events Start: Friday, September 10, 2021 - 04:00 pm
End: Sunday, September 12, 2021 - 12:00 pm
Lake Metigoshe State Park


Wow is an event designed for ladies, ages 16 and over, looking to learn or improve upon various outdoor recreational skills in a safe, hands-on setting. 


Friday, September 10
6:00pm—8:00pm Session I (Mini-Session)

  • Fun with Feathers ($30)
  • Beginner’s Archery ($25)
  • Treemendous Hike ($25)
  • Pickle Ball ($25)
  • Intro to Firearms ($65)

Dark - Campfire Social (South side of Dining Hall)

Saturday, September 11
6:45 am—7:45 am Breakfast (Dining Hall) 
8:00 am—11:30 am Session II

  • Intro to Firearms (Continued)
  • High Ropes ($60)
  • Intro to Kayaking ($35)
  • Fly-Fishing 101 ($35)
  • Pollinator Power ($35)
  • Dutch Oven Cooking & Care ($40)
  • Orienteering ($35)

11:30am—12:45pm Lunch (Dining Hall) 
1:00pm—4:30pm Session III

  • High Ropes (continued)
  • Dutch Oven Cooking & Care ($40)
  • Clue ($35)
  • Intro to Canoeing ($35)
  • Saggar Wood Firing ($40)
  • Intermediate Camp Craft ($35)

4:30pm—6:15pm Supper On Your Own
6:00pm—8:00pm Session IV (Mini Session)

  • Beachfront Yoga ($30)
  • Evening Paddle-Canoeing ($25)
  • Beginner’s Archery ($25)
  • Women on the Wing ($50)
  • Fun with Feathers ($30)
  • Intro to Fly-tying ($25)
  • Intro to Firearms ($65)

8:30pm Night Hike Adventure ($25) Warming House
Dark - Campfire Social (South Side of dining Hall)

Sunday, September 12
6:45am-7:45am Breakfast (Dining Hall) 
8:00am-11:30am Session V

  • Intro to Firearms (Continued)
  • Advanced Fly-Fishing ($35)
  • Geocaching ($35)
  • Metigoshe Yoga Hike ($40)
  • Intro to Kayaking ($35)
  • Rock Wall ($45)

11:30am Safe Travels Home!



Group dorm facilities will be available at the rate of $10/night. To secure a spot in the dorms, please purchase dorm tickets when you register for your activities. Everyone staying within the LMSP dorms will need to bring their own bedding as well as a towel, washcloth, and personal toiletries.


The campground is open year-round. Those looking to camp can make a reservation by calling 1-800-807-4723 or visiting https://travel.parkrecnd.com. Modern (electricity and water) and primitive (no electricity or water) campsites will be available for $25/night and $17/night respectively.

Additional Information


Registration will open on August 4, 2021, at 12:00 pm via https://bit.ly/FALLWOW and will close on August 25, 2021, at 11:59 pm. Registrations take place online only; phone registration is not an option.

Participants register by opting for the basic registration ticket, which obtains contact info, emergency contact info and provides required terms agreements surrounding the event upon checkout.

Registrants purchase add-on tickets that will represent the number of sessions they wish to participate in as well as desired activities and optional meals and/or lodging.

Take note of the times for which activities take place as there are activities that span multiple sessions; Eventbrite will not alert you if you double-book yourself. Upon registration, participants will receive a confirmation email generated by Eventbrite. If you do not obtain it, please contact aschimetz@nd.gov to verify your email address and/or get confirmation re-sent electronically. 


Add-on tickets will be available for catered meals for Saturday’s breakfast and lunch in addition to Sunday’s breakfast; such meals will be catered by Marie’s of Bottineau and will be served out of the park’s dining hall. There are no breakfast options available at the lake in September. Saturday’s breakfast and lunch will be full, sit-down meals. Sunday’s breakfast will be on that you can choose to enjoy as a sit-down meal or grab and go for those looking to potentially get on the road. Please view meal ticket descriptions via Eventbrite to view the menu and pricing.

Those with dietary restrictions, allergies, etc. should plan to bring their own food. A refrigerator, freezer, and microwave will be available for you to utilize.

Restroom Facilities

Comfort stations will be open and available for those looking for restrooms and/or showers throughout the event weekend. Comfort stations with flushing toilets, sinks, and showers are located adjacent to the kitchen/dining hall and dorms and within the modern campground loops. The comfort station near the beach, having flushing toilets and sinks, may be available depending on the weather. 

What to Bring

Items to consider bringing include Eventbrite confirmation and emails to reference, camping chair, lip balm, sunscreen, various clothing layers to adjust to changing weather conditions, ball cap, sunglasses, bug spray, good hiking shoes, and any gear described within activity descriptions for which you are registered.

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