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Bismarck, ND – The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department (NDPRD) Recreational Trails Program (RTP) received 15 applications totaling $2 million in project grant requests. The RTP has allocated approximately $1 million to award through the Federal Highway Administration. Projects selected for funding are as follows:

RTP Projects

  1. Hunter/Arthur JPA – Northern Cass Pass Amenities

Requested $36,000

This project will enhance the three trail heads located on the multi-purpose pedestrian corridor by adding lighting for safety, informational kiosks, and benches. Way finders and signage will be added along the entire six-mile trail. Interpretive signage will be constructed along the entire trail utilizing the observation of the surrounding natural resources.

  1. City of Turtle-Lake North Country Trail 4WD Brush Mowers

Requested $34,980

The City of Turtle Lake proposed to purchase three Orec 4-wheel drive riding brush mowers. This will enable volunteers to mow the North Country Trail efficiently.

  1. Grafton Parks & Recreation – Leistikow Park Community Trails

Requested $67,973.24

Grafton Parks & Recreation plans to replace maintenance equipment for Leistikow Park Community Trails in Grafton. A Mattracks Track Kit in addition to leasing a Tool Cat UW56 will allow staff to cross-county groom and maintain the trails year-round.

  1. Bismarck Parks & Recreation District Cross-Country Ski Grooming Equipment

Requested $181,122.12

Bismarck Parks & Recreation District plans to purchase winter cross-country ski grooming equipment to allow for additional miles of trail to be maintained for two new sites in north Bismarck.

  1. ND Parks & Recreation Department - Snowmobile Trail Grooming Equipment

Requested $250,000.00

North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department in partnership with Snowmobile North Dakota plans to procure a Tucker groomer, groomer implements, and snowmobile trail signs to assist with the grooming and maintenance of the 2,800 miles of statewide trail. They also plan to procure additional snow trail grooming equipment for local cross-country ski trails within the state.

  1. Lincoln Park District – Moch Park Trail

Requested $41,284.32

A new gravel trail will be constructed connecting both Dolan Drive and 28th Ave SE to the existing Moch Park dog park.

  1. Barnes County Park Board – North Country & Sheyenne River Water Trail Amenities

Requested $43,206.77

This project is for the replacement of a trailhead shelter along the North Country and Sheyenne River Water Trail within Clausen Springs Park.

  1. Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa – Sky Chief Park Trails Bridge Linkage

Requested $171,658.78

The goal of this project is to provide more accessible trails at Sky Chief Park by linking the trails with newly constructed metal bridges and a floating dock.

  1. Fargo Park District – Orchard Glen Park Trail Extension

Requested $237,875.20

Fargo Park District plans to extend 2 miles of the already existing Orchard Glen trail to include crushed gravel surfacing. Other goals of the project include signage and the placement of benches along the new portion of trail and the construction of a vault toilet and shelter facility.

  1. Morton County – Valerie Entzel Memorial Park Trailside Facilities

Requested $35,929

This project will create safe access to an improved trailside facility on Lewis & Clark trail (alongside Highway 1806) near Valerie Entzel Memorial Park in Mandan. This project will provide a place for off highway parking. It will include a gravel road leading to a gravel lot to include handicapped parking, security lights, picnic shelter, picnic tables, trash receptacles, and park benches.

  1. New Salem Park Board – New Salem Multiuse Path Renovation

Requested $20,000

This project will involve crack sealing and restoring 1.2 -miles of the New Salem walking trail that features New Salem Sue.

  1. Williston Parks and Recreation – Little Muddy Trail (Project Alternate)

Requested $225,000

This project involves the repaving of approximately three miles of the Little Muddy trail to make the trail more accessible.


In addition to the Recreational Trails Program, the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department administers the Land and Water Conservation Fund Program (LWCF). Projects selected for funding are as follows:

LWCF Projects

  1. Spirit Lake Tribe – Parks and Recreational Support Building

Requested $288,875

This outdoor recreation support building will provide the Four Winds Community Lake Youth Sports organization with ADA-accessible bathroom facilities for usage at high school football games, track & field events, the summer youth baseball program and other outdoor recreation.

  1. Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa – Heritage Park

Requested $236,750

This project will support the development of a restroom/shower house, playground, and campground for Heritage Park that is adjacent to the Heritage Center off Highway 281 in Belcourt.  There are also plans to replace the existing Pow Wow Arbor and beautify the site by adding a community garden.

  1. North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department – Pembina Gorge Campground Development

Requested $2,000,000

This project will support the development of the 14th state park at the Pembina Gorge. Development of the park will include underground utilities, roads, an approximate 35-site campground, six full-service cabins, a comfort station, and maintenance shop.

“We had competitive grant rounds this year but were able to fund a record number of applications,” said Char Langehaug, NDPRD Grants Coordinator.

The next round of Recreational Trail Program applications is tentatively scheduled to open May 1, 2024. The applications will be administered through our online platform, Web Grants. For further information, please visit our website or contact Char Langehaug, Grants Coordinator at 701-328-5357.


The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is an 80/20 matching grant program that provides funding for both motorized and non-motorized recreational trail projects. Examples of eligible projects include construction of new recreation trails, restoration of existing trails, development and rehabilitation of trailside and trailhead facilities and trail linkages, purchase and lease of recreational trail construction and maintenance equipment, land acquisition/easements, trail accessibility assessment.

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is a 50/50 matching grant reimbursement program administered at the state level by the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department (NDPRD) and funded at the federal level by the U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service (NPS). The LWCF provides grants for outdoor recreation projects such as ball fields, pools, campgrounds, playgrounds, and land acquisitions for park development.

Both grant programs are administered at the state level through the NDPRD, and federally through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and National Park Service (NPS). Projects are evaluated and ranked by advisory committees whose purpose is to assist in ranking projects seeking federal outdoor recreation funds administered by the NDPRD and to provide additional program guidance. Please see the grant program manuals at https://www.parkrec.nd.gov/business/grants for more information.

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